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AFSI Concepts

Strategic concepts

These services are strategic concepts that can be applied to almost any business. This is a service where we focus on the strategic framework for business behaviors. AFSI will help you set up a structured response mechanism that will deliver continuous improvement.   

Are your current KPIs and management approach not manifesting in the performance you had hoped for? Engage with AFSI to refine or innovate your management concepts. With a combination of our industry experience, knowhow and your business's aspirations and preferences we will develop concepts inline with the ethos of your business.


KPI & lean based management tools

Structure your management approach with a number of lean based tools and structures. We don't apply lean in a generic text book approach, but the elements that best suits your business. You don't have to have your management tied up in several daily tear meetings. Less is more, but you have to make sure you have the right structures for your teams to work to for it to be more self-managing. Make the KPIs relevant to everyone on the shop floor.

AFSI - Procurement

Engineering procurement

Set up structures around how to streamline your engineering procurement and partner with suppliers. Reduce the capital tied up in your engineering stores. Have the right level of support from a few suppliers rather than spreading your procurement across numerous suppliers.


PPM Strategies

Innovate your approach to failures and learn from them.

SHE strategies

Set up structures to capture learnings from work place observations.

AFSI -Stock Level Strategies
Planning and stock level strategies

Set up targets for stock to avoid shorts and minimise waste.

AFSI - Education & Training

Education and training

Implement an onboarding structure and a buddy system that ensures your workforce continues to develop. By implementing a path of education through the various grades of skills, you can ensure continuous improvement of your workforce's overall versatility, engagement, retention and ultimately your profitability.

AFSI also offers class room education in both Technical compliance and operational yield and labour calculations.    

AFSI - Compliance

Technical, export and customer compliance

Improve your customer and food safety compliance. AFSI can help your business expand on your understanding of the requirements of your target customers.

AFSi - Analysis

Gap analysis and action plans

Let AFSI audit you against the standards that are important to your business. AFSI will help you identify any gaps, generate appropriate actions and advise you on how to close out the non-conformances.

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