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Vietnam's seafood production

Process design


The design of a process is unique to it's individual situation. There is no "one size fits all" that can be applied fully unlocking the contextual potential effectiveness of a process.  The process has to be designed considering the overall setting of the business.


Where raw material is cheap and plentiful, creating a  volume drive process that discounts the rate of labour and overheads, with high throughput rates, may be the best process design. In reverse, where raw material is expensive, it may make more sense with a slower process focusing on product yields. 

The business' commercial strategies, target markets and main competitors should also be a design consideration. How is it intended to differentiate the product and the business in the market. Commodity traders will have other areas of focus than an artisan quality leader. 

AFSI has experience with creating processes which are based on individual circumstances. We can help you ensure, that the process accounts for what is important for you. AFSI have experience with process design from line level up to overarching multi site process deployment, and we are confident we can help you design a process that is right for you.

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