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What makes us different?

We specialise in building up your business’ systems to give you full visibility and control. AFSI starts at the beginning which, we believe, is your production data.


We look at your costings, what the raw material selection is per product, overhead allocations plus yield and labour management. 

The audit is carried out to ensure accuracy in the operational accounts, so all progress can be comprehensively captured and progressed.

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 We can build the operational accounts up from scratch, or audit what you have and update as appropriate. The reason we start here, is that once you implement any improvements in the future, with or without AFSI's help, you will have a full overview of the impact. We will help you design all the calculations, make all the links and explain where you need to capture the data to get the information you require.

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Improve report accuracy

We will help you implement cost price systems to give you a comprehensive but condensed overview of your operations, which can be transferred into your financial statements as your operational variance. This will remove any balancing figures you have in your current operational accounts. 

During implementation, we will work with your team so an understanding is transferred and the costing process can be taken over. The aim of all changes are to hand them over to your team, so they can manage the system, enabling the journey to be sustained without further need for support.

Shooting Target
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Shop floor systems (MOM/MES)

We will help you set up all your master data, with accurate BOMs (bill of materials), HACCP plan, specifications, labour calculations, production incentive bonus systems and overhead models.

 Operational accounts in a large slaughterhouse, or another type of food factory, are not necessarily complicated. The mathematics can be carried out by a chartered accountant. However, what is less accessible is the knowledge of which of the cost streams relates to what volume.

The reason we can help you make sense of the numbers is practical experience at shop floor level, carrying out the individual tasks personally, as well as taking part in product costings, labour costings and setting up budgets.  

In addition to advising you on building the standards, we can help you get full use of your shop floor management systems (MOM/MES) or if you are at the beginning of your data capture journey, AFSI can support you in design and selection of shop floor system. 

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