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About AFSI

 Expert meat and food industry consultants committed to advancing your business

AFSI's primary purpose is to offer consultancy to the food industry. If you are a food processor we can help you progress.

The traditional perception and definition of a management consultant is typically someone that offers expert advise, write long reports which are then handed over to management who are left to implement the improvements.

At AFSI we strive to redefine this perception. The last thing a busy operational entity needs is a list of tasks.


At AFSI we will get involved in the task to the extent that is required to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Primary process, meat industry & food consultants with a comprehensive industry knowledge are not appearing frequently. Most of the support you will come across is general and widely spread across various sectors within food. The vast majority of our operational experience is within the meat industry and we are therefore aware of the challenges in this particular segment of the food industry. Though there are tools that can be generically applied, with some success, it does not replace a profound understanding of  the intricacies of the meat industry gained by being a part of it for over two decades.  

Our consultants have spent their entire working career in the food industry holding various senior positions. However, pork processing from slaughter through to retail pack is a particular area of strength.

In operations there are a number of areas that are transferable to other segments within the wider food industry and primary processing of other proteins e.g. time and motion, activity based overhead recovery models, product costings, flow design will all follow the same ideology across different segments or sectors. 

Our technical expertise is gained both inside and outside the meat industry. In addition to primary processing & retail pack, our expertise extends to auditing on behalf of major UK retails, setting up supplier assurance structures, implementing groupwide internal auditing programs, but also spec writing and training. 

Have a look at our profiles below to learn more about us. Below our profile there is a link to our LinkedIn profile, where you can see our work history. 

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AFSI - Consultants


Get to Know Us

AFSI - Consultants - Steffen Hille

Steffen Hille

Consultant operations

• Over 20 years of industry experience

- 15 at senior management level;

• Experienced site and group director;

• Danish industrial slaughter and butchery academy.  

•  International experience at management level.

• Track record of leading key improvements at sites and group level;

• Group Continuous director position before co-founding AFSI;

Specialises in operational optimisation incl:

• Strategy development

• Troubleshooting

• Line, product optimisation

• Yield improvement

• Time and motion studies

• Project management & implementation

• Engineering, factory layout and flows

• Supply chain, planning

• Team and system development

• Meat management

• UK customer requirements (Marks & Spencer, Tesco, OSI… etc.)

• Export requirements (USA, China)

AFSI - Consultants - Saveria de Susini
Saveria de Susini

Consultant technical

• Over 15 years in the food industry;

• Experienced auditor, group and site technical manager;

• Marks and Spencer auditor approved for High care/Chilled/Ambient – Food Safety/Integrity/Animal Welfare before co-founding AFSI;

• Industry experience incl. Chilled/high care, Slaughter/meat processing, Ambient.

 Specialises in:

• Auditing (factory, systems, hygiene pre op)

• Gap analysis and solution delivery including training

• Food Safety Management and HACCP

• Food Integrity

• Traceability and Mass Balance

• Supplier Approval

• Team & Personnel development and training

•UK customer requirements (Marks & Spencer, Tesco, … etc)


• Lead auditor 22000, HACCP L4

• Fluent French, basic reading skills in Spanish and Italian

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