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Automation is becoming more available and affordable. There are a number of players in the automation market for the food and meat manufacturing industry. (We have listed a few here)

However, it can be difficult to deduct when automation makes sense for a company, what the benefits are and what supplier to chose to partner with. 

AFSI can help you in your automation journey

Image by Sufyan


Through automation continuity and cost reduction can be attained. Software solutions replaces administrative tasks and can enable more comprehensive and accurate data. Choosing a software solution that caters for all the variability in the meat industry can be a big task. There are many levels of  software automation (read about software levels and functions) and selecting a software that encompasses an adequate amount of the areas that requires supervising are scares. Often companies end up with a number of software solutions, with a plethora of interfaces and licence fees to pay. 

The automation of manual tasks, with slaughter robots, conveyer solutions, packing machines, slicers, packing robots or automated warehouses, all depends on the individual factors that are important in relation to raw material price, raw material quality, labour price and final product specifications.

There is no "one size fits all" 


Weather it is software or replacing manual tasks with a mechanical solution, AFSI can help you find out who is the right partner for you in your particular situation. 

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