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Red meat management & food consulting services

What Your Business Needs

AFSI - Advanced Food Solutions

AFSI offer a wide range of operational and technical management consultancy services, with the necessary tools and expertise to help grow your business. The thinking at AFSI is derived from extensive food industry experience and not based on non-specific textbook tools. We primarily operate within the food sector and have particular operational expertise in the meat industry with a strong background in primary and secondary pork processing.

 Lean management, lean principles and operational excellence are all terms that are discussed widely in business today, and support is widely available. Lean principles and operational excellence are good, generic, but effective, tools that will allow you to measure your efficiencies against your operational standards. Lean techniques keeps you on track but have you chosen the right direction and set the right standards?

At AFSI we can help you with the fundamentals that you need to have in place for lean techniques to be fully effective. We can help you progress regardless of what your current level of performance is.  

AFSI can help your business with operational and technical strategy development and deployment, calculate meaningful KPIs, optimise your yield performance and strengthen your compliance by designing high quality and scalable solutions. We get involved with a hands on approach and are happy to participate in activities ranging from training, ergonomics and method demonstration to overarching strategic development and full process design.

Our Specialties

AFSI - Advanced Food Solutions

We specialise in food and have substantial operational and technical knowledge.

We have particular operational expertise in primary pork processing, industrial pork slaughter & abattoir management, primal break, butchery, bulk packing and retail pack. 

At AFSI we have a proven track record within continuous improvement, operational and technical trouble shooting, activity based overhead recovery models, time & motion studies , incentive bonus calculations, yield improvement programs and technical systems. Moreover, our solutions are tailored to your business based on "what good looks like" in real life. 

AFSI - Advanced Food Solutions
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